About us

Green Report Conferences open the door to the world of innovative ideas and creative people, that want to change mentalities, attitudes, communities. Enter the universe of valuable debates, find safe solutions, and dare to do things differently.

The most important people in business, politics and administration can be found at the Green Report Conferences.
They share their experiences, present different angles, suggest new visions, establish collaborations, and initiate projects. All of this in an unconventional space, away from standard offices and classic meeting rooms.

Green Report Conferences challenge you to help the community and do more for environmental protection.
5 reasons why you should be here…

  1. Exchange experience, collaborate and learn together with other innovative business people in various fields
  2. Establish solid relations with experts, managers, authorities, civil society and NGOs, which can help you build a solid foundation for your business
  3. Get inspiration from the successful stories of the individuals invited at GRC
  4. Initiate a dialogue with the most important names in business, politics and public administration and position yourself as sustainable brand
  5. Find potential clients and service providers and find out the latest trends in the green and CSR fields.


Green Report Conferences are born from the permanent concern of our newsroom to cover the main environmental issues in Romania as extensive as possible. With an experience of 8 years in environmental journalism, Green Report is built as a daily source of news, features, investigations and analysis. Green Report has always reported on how exposed are Romanians to the environmental risks, the progress of the authorities in the field or the best practices we learnt from the companies. We are making a step forward and we are bringing all the actors involved closer to the public, by organising the Green Report Conferences, the event that puts the environmental issues on the public agenda so that they can’t avoid them anymore.